BACKEND ADMIN - Full Stack Web And Mobile Applications Development, Design, and Consultancy Company in Lebanon

BACKEND ADMIN is a full stack web and mobile applications development, design, and consultancy company. We help big brands build and execute their web and mobile strategy and products.


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One backend for your apps & websites
Building across platforms has never been easier with our powerful integrations. Take your user's experience to the next level with the power of BEA Engine.
Together, we can do anything.
We know building apps and websites is hard. Just focus on creating amazing user experiences and forget about complex infrastructure. Use BEA Engine in your web & mobile apps and easily add a powerful cloud database, versatile push notification services, analytics tracking, and more.

Use Cases:
• Websites, Blogs, & E-Commerce Solutions
• Web applications and systems
• Mobile communication systems
• Online game systems
• Internet of things
• Car networking
• Smart home systems

Our Products
Powerful Administration
Management console for you and your clients
Role Access Control
Assign role-based access to all your team members and clients
Users Authentication
Authenticate users simply and securely
Realtime Database
Store and sync app data in Realtime
Image Manipulation
Manipulate your images dynamically to fit any graphical design
Files Management
Store and serve content with ease
Content Delivery Network
Growing global network with more than 155 data center built for scale
Realtime Analytics
View live usage data and visitors statistics with realtime reporting
Powerful Hosting
Ironclad security cloud and dedicated hosting solutions
Bulk Email
Send newsletters and important emails to your users and subscribers
Bulk SMS
Global reliable SMS service with affordable prices
Live Chat
Chat with your online visitors instantly
Full E-Commerce Solution
All what an e-store needs in one place (Specs, Variations, Tags, Categories, and more...)
Blog, News & Events Management
Publish your passions your way.
Payment Gateway Integration
Accept credit cards globally.
Dynamic Forms
Create forms and get responses on your websites & mobile apps directly.
Our Showcase
No matter what you want to build, we’ve got your back.
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